Responsibilities of Breeding French Bulldogs

The increase in demand of people who want this breed has seen many unscrupulous dealers come up who buy French bulldogs just to breed them. Such people who only look at the Frenchies as cash milling animals do not take any note of the responsibility French bulldog puppies for adoption  breeding a French bulldog requires. French bulldogs are a special breed of dog whether as companions or show dogs. These dogs will require special attention when breeding, during the gestation period and after they have given birth.

A responsible breeder knows the following about French bulldogs and will take each factor into account before proceeding to breed the deciding if a female is the right candidate to be bred:

– Frenchies need to be screened for various presence of various genes that are responsible for some of the health problems observed in this breed. One such disease that is screened for is the Von-Willebrand’s disease which will cause defective clotting of blood in the affected dog predisposing it to massive bleeding even from small injuries, haematomas and making the Frenchie a high risk candidate for any type of surgery.

– Frenchies should not be bred on the first heat; after the first heat has passed the female can be bred on the consecutive heats that come. French bulldog over 5 years should never be bred since there is a high risk that complications may arise and the dog might not carry the pregnancy to term.

– If you only have the female, you will need to source for a stud from elsewhere. This means that you have to look for a good candidate that is right for your dog. There are costs involved in finding the correct stud, and getting your female bred. This process will take some time and identification of a good stud should be done before the female is on heat so that you can make the proper arrangements.

– Though there is no assurance that the female will get pregnant, you can increase the risk of successful mating by servicing your female in the correct time. You can ask a good breeder to recommend the best time or your vet. A rough estimate can however be made as by counting the days from when your female starts to bleed (spotting), this period is will last about 9 days and is usually known as pro estrus meaning the female is just preparing to come on heat. After the 9 days have passed then the female is fully in estrus, the eleventh day is when the ova are released from the ovary and is usually the best time to breed. This is day 11 from when the dog starts spotting and the dog is most fertile from this time till day 13.

– French bulldogs may need to get a c-section to deliver the puppies. This will cost you a considerable sum of money and you need to ensure that you can afford to pay for the services of a vet.

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