Training Golden Retriever Puppies Can Be Very Rewarding!

I wanted to share with everyone how I started training Golden Retriever Puppies. It was a very rewarding experience because it is not only my dog that was trained; somehow I was also trained in a very good sense. I learned patience, perseverance and commitment along the process.

The first thing that you need to know in training golden retriever puppies is consistency. Yes, you need to be consistent with all the skills and behavior that you want your dog to pick-up. I remembered when I started training my newly acquired puppy. I had to develop some kind of system that will work for both of us. I was working then full time, so it is crucial that the time I spent with him for training has to be fixed so he can develop a pattern.

I learned early on about the clicker training system. The clicker is a small device that the trainer uses to signal the puppy that he is exhibiting a favorable behavior. In using this device, the dog will pick-up from his master that what he is doing are all the right and favorable actions. I had to follow-up with positive reinforcement by giving my pup a reward. The reward can be in a form of a food, toy or more importantly, appreciation through hugs and pats. Goldens are very amiable breed of dog so they will definitely feel rewarded by loving gestures from his owner. golden retriever puppies colorado

And because goldens are naturally obedient and well-mannered, they can easily recognize what their master like or dislike. This is the best time to train your puppy the behavior that you want him to establish as he grows more mature. In my case, it is very important that I teach my puppy the right toilet training.

Since my pup is like a baby, it cannot really hold the call of nature. So, I had to establish the place where he should poop and pee. After feeding and every time he gets up, I will make sure that I will bring him to the spot where he needs to defecate and urinate. This way, I prevented too much mess inside my house.

In the same manner that you want your dog to pick-up the right behavior, it is also wise to discourage him of the bad behaviors. So, if there is anything that you see in your dog that you do not approve of, you need to let him realize immediately. It is not advisable though that you hit him or hurt him as this will turn him into a violent dog. Instead, you may use a more poignant tone of voice to signal your disapproval or you may pull the leash comparatively stronger than usual. And since goldens are known to be very intelligent dogs, then they can easily pick-up your intention.

Lastly, you also need to be very particular about the rules that you want to establish with your puppy. If you don’t want him to destroy things around the house, it is best to buy him toys and dog-specific gadgets that will exercise his teeth and jaw. Chew toys are great because they can enjoy it while exercising their teeth and jaw.

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